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Hi, During the workshop with Hans Strand we also got the opportunity for photography in a different nature and landscape. On Satruday afternoon and evening we were at Kullen.

Fog and sunlight at Kullen in very early spring

A week ago I went to Kullen in the Kullaberg national park in nothwestern Scania. I did not arrive until lunch time and still the peninsula was covered in fog. At first I stayed on higher grounds and tried to use the fog to isolate trees and stones from its surroundings. When the sun broke through the mist I ‘climbed’ down to the sea to take photos of the rocks and stone by the sea. Unfortunately, I chose to try a lens with my camera that I had not used for a long time and there seemed to be some malfunctioning with the focus and many of the images turned out a bit unsharp. A lesson for me to always know my gear.

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PhotoScania sees the light

Today is the start of the PhotoScania site. My intention with this site is to show the beauty of the most southern province of Sweden called Scania (Skåne in swedish), and to inspire amateur photgraphers to visit Scania for perhaps a pure photograhy trip. Or why not combine a photography trip by enjoying the culture and culinaric treats of Scania.

For me personally, the intention is that the site shall give me the drive to more often visit nature and further improve my photography. I start the site very empty with the ambition to update it at least monthly after visiting scenic locations or events in Scania.